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Book geek shot on bpNichol Lane outside Coach House. Photo by Brian Pirie

Author of been shed bore (Chaudiere Books, 2010), Pearl Pirie's manuscript Thirsts won the 2011 Robert Kroetsch Award for innovative Poetry. Snare put out this, her second trade collection, Thirsts in the fall of 2011. Newest is vertigoheel for the dilly  from above/ground and  Quebec Passages from Noun Trivet Press.


Forthcoming is pet radish, shrunken from BookThug in Spring 2015. Forthcoming sooner, her poem from Filling Station was chosen as part of 2014's Best Canadian Poetry Anthology (Tightrope)


Several other manuscripts are in the works or out circulating.


Corrupt Press, AngelHouse Press, above/ground, and obvious epiphanies press have put out chapbooks of her poems. 


She has been coordinating facilitators for the Tree Seed Workshop Series for the Tree Reading Series since 2009. She's always scouting for someone to share their creative catalyst.


Since August 2013, she has been one of the 3 on the rotating roster for Literary Landscape. She is a radio host with Kate Hunt and Dave Currie. Listen online at CKCU online or on the air at 93.1 in Ottawa each Thursday from 6:30pm-7:00pm EST.


She  gives workshops and talks  on poetry for various organizations (OIW, Dusty Owl, OCDSB, Canadian Author's Association,  Westborobrainery, and Tree) on subjects including: poetic values and implications on form, metrics for writing: toolbox of devices and effects, the roles writers take, safety and risk in writing, combining the material of disparate poems, use of space and punctuation for semantic difference, contemporary poetry, publishing, haiku, repetition used well, pantoum, sestinas, sense and the 5s are not just for prose anymore, and prompt-driven free writing. 

She has been a contest judge for LCP for the Gerald Lampert jury, at Arc for the Brebner Prize, at Ottawa Public Library for their poetry month competition, and for other groups.


She has been an editor and has done layout and design for Tree Press, Sidereal Press, and phafours press chapbooks. She has beem on the selection committee for the Bywords Quarterly Journal, and on the editorial team for two of their single-author chapbooks.


She does manuscript evaluation/editing. $50 flat consultation and hourly fee after with 3 hour mininum.


She  publishes  ephemera and chapbooks thru her micropress  phafours press and organizes readings for those and workshops or readings for poets coming thru town. 


Her poetry has appeared in Wah, May 2014 issue of Punjabi/English haiku, filling station, Tel Aviv-based literary magazine Hava LeHaba (in an English-language section called "Wreckless Canadian Poets” with work by Alice Burdick, Laura Farina, Jaime Forsythe, Elyse Friedman, Kate Hall, Mark Laba, Lance La Rocque, and Tom Walmsley). Evening Will Come: Women of Visual PoetryThe Steel Chisel Lifting the Sky: Southwestern Haiku and Haiga (ed. by Scott Wiggerman and Constance Campbell, Dog Gatos Press, 2013), Bafter C, Arc, Branch, Truck ditch, anthology 4 (canadian) (innovative poets) , Lighting the Global Lantern: A Teacher's Guide to Haiku and Related Forms (edited by Terry Ann Carter), Moose & Pussy, Gusts, The Touch of a MothPRECIPICe, Dandelion, This Magazine, and in small press: The Puritan, Ottawater, Experiment-O, unarmed, Twigs & Leaves, Vol V, 2012, , Womb, 1cent, bentspoon, Peter F Yacht Club, pooka press, gar and way back in 1995 in The Morpo Review and Bywords Her poem is responded to in anthology 5 of response poems  big bright amused (ditch, 2012). 


She has book reviews at pesbo, Arc and in Matrix.



She gratefully acknowledges the financial support of The League of Canadian Poets (travel grant), Canada Council (Literary Reading grants), City of Ottawa (Creation and Production Fund for Professional Artists), and the Ontario Arts Council (Writers' Reserve grants).


She has taken poetry workshopsfrom Hoa Nguyen, John McCulloughStuart RossDaphne Marlatt, rob mclennan, Roo Borson, Stephen Brockwell, David O'Meara, Ian Roy, Joanne Proulx, Scott Wiggerman, derek beaulieu, Barry Dempster, Ciera Adams and a.rawlings. She has done a writing retreat at Sage Hill. She has been at the poetry-w listserv learning and mentoring since 2003. She has taken basic book making workshops from Samantha Harding (2009),Terry Ann Carter (2011), and Christine McNair (2012).


Awards/Recognitions include: The First Mother's Day After Dad's Death  made the 50-poem longlist for The Best Canadian Poetry 2011 (Tightrope) , The Robert Kroetsch Award for innovative Poetry 2011, Hot Ottawa Voice 2008, 3rd Place in the Ray Burrell Poetry Contest 2007,  Honorable Mention in the Ray Burrell Poetry Contest 2006 and was included in the John Newlove Award finalists in 2003


She's a member of the League of Canadian Poets, Haiku Canada, Haiku North America and Tanka Canada.


Try her  Poem Shuffler  game .


She blogs and photographs. on poetry, events and poetics: pesbo, general life: Humanyms, community: Local Tourist Ottawa, portraits: vegetarian food, Quill & Quire events picsself-portraits, and verbal portraits: 40-word years.